Responsible gaming

  • 1. Responsible game

    GameWorld Casino Online encourages responsible gambling, sharing knowledge about betting addiction, and improving intervention and treatment policies for this issue.
    Like any other activity that is taken to the extreme, betting can become a real and serious problem. Anyone can lose control of the game or regardless of age, cultural background and financial situation.
    On the GameWorld Casino Online platform, there will be a section where players will find relevant advice and resources that can help them avoid addiction and also protect minors from illegally accessing our platform.

    Responsible gaming rules

    We recommend all our clients to follow the following rules of play:

    • Always play in moderation and remember that it is a form of relaxation and in no way a way of earning money.
    • Play only if you can, to avoid bet losses and never to "compensate for losses".
    • Never bet when behaviour can be influenced by alcohol or other drugs (recipe or recreational).
    • Set a bet limit and remember the amounts you have spent on bets. Never exceed the limit you have set.
    • Do not lie to your loved ones to hide the amounts you have lost on bets, or the time you spend betting.
    • Do not miss work to bet.
    • Do not borrow money to fund your betting.
    • Do not bet to get rid of your worries.
    • Do not bet when you feel depressed, lonely, tense or anxious.
    • Take time at regular intervals to return to this policy and respond honestly to the questions listed in the "Check if you have a problem" section.
    • If you feel that you or someone you know has a betting problem, we suggest you contact one of the organizations listed below in this policy for advice on how to solve the problem.

    Set out own limits

    GameWorld Casino Online assumes responsibility for encouraging responsible play to minimize betting problems and ensure a safe environment for its customers. We recommend customers the limits set for their betting on the website. Depending on customer needs, the following limits can be set for betting:/p>

    • Daily, weekly and monthly deposit limits.
    • Transfer and bets limits. We recommend that customers set a limit on the amount of money spent on the website each month.
    • Daily, weekly and monthly limits for possible losses.
    • Limits on the time you spend connected in your account.
    • Self-Limit: The customer may set limits to the total amount of deposits and the total amount of betting stakes for a certain period of time.
    • Total time limits that can be paid in a session
    • Self-exclusion: The customer can automatically exclude from betting for a certain amount of time or permanently. The customer can continue to sign up his player account during this period, but cannot deposit funds or place bets. Permanent exclusion will be revoked only if GameWorld Casino Online (at its sole discretion to impose such conditions and requesting such information as it deems appropriate) is convinced that the reasons behind this permanent self-exclusion decision no longer exist.

    In all cases, any request to downgrade or revoke any exclusion limitation period will take effect seven (7) days after such request was received from Game World, while any request to increase or to impose any limitation on the exclusion period will take effect immediately after such an application was received by Game World.
    In order to set an order of the above limits, players can contact us by email at [email protected] and will receive all the necessary support to set your desired limits.

    Self-exclusion opt-out

    Our policy responsible for the game allows people betting to request a temporary exclusion twice. The third application will mean permanent exclusion.
    Our goal is to promote betting responsibility. For this reason, Game World reserves the right to deny access with immediate effect, with the indication that withdrawals still in their Account may be withdrawn for those who have a typical behaviour of a person who compulsively bets.
    Once a player was excluded, he will no longer be allowed to open a new account.

    Organization that may help you provide usefyl advice


  • 2. Minor players

    Also, the GameWorld Casino Online Platform is not intended for minors, and we ensure that nothing in its content can be considered as particularly attractive to minors or any other parties that are not allowed to use the platform.
    In compliance with the Terms and Conditions, GameWorld Casino Online does not allow anyone under 18 to open an account or to bet. Any person under the age of 18 who is found to be using the GameWorld Casino Online Platform, thereby breaking the age limit, will automatically be deprived of any gains in the Account and may be reported to the competent authorities.
    Any person who knowingly assists a minor player in using the GameWorld Casino Online platform will breach the Terms and Conditions and will consequently be liable for the immediate closure of the Account and will have a permanent ban on using the GameWorld Casino Online Platform. To prevent minors from using the GameWorld Casino Online platform, we recommend all legal players to follow the following steps:

    • Do not share account details to anyone (including, but not limited to, minors);
    • Do not enable the "Retain Password" function on your computer's record screen;
    • Do not share your debit or credit card details with any minor;
    • Install and activate parental control or Internet filtering software on all computers where minors live with you or accessing such computers. Such programs can be accessed at:
  • 3. Auto-test

    You can find out here if your habit of playing has become risky for you if those around you.

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