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The website uses its own and third-party cookies to personalize the content and ads, to provide social media functions and to analyze our traffic. Also, our social media, advertising and analytics partners may have information about your use of the site, which they may combine with other information that you have provided or collected from you. when using their services.


This page allows you to better understand how cookies work and how to use current tools to configure them.


While using the website, the user may accept the use of cookies that are not strictly necessary for the operation of the site. However, the user has at any time the possibility to prevent the generation of cookies and to deactivate them by selecting the appropriate option in their browser. If a browser has blocked the use of cookies, some of the services and features of the website may not be available.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of text that web sites send the browser and which is stored in the user's device, such as your personal computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc. These files are used by the site to remember information about user visits, such as language preferences and other options, while helping you set things up for the next visits and make the site more useful by personalizing its content. Cookies play a very important role in improving the experience of using the website.

How do we use cookies?

With the consent granted, the user allows the installation of cookies in the device or for the transmission of the following information:

  • Statistical statistics on the use of the site.
  • Your preferred web access format for mobile devices.
  • The latest searches made from web services as well as personalized details of these services.
  • Accessing user accounts and moving from one section to another without removing them.
  • Provide personalized content for your site activity.

Types of cookies

This site uses both temporary and permanent cookies. Temporary (session) cookies store the date only as long as the user is on the site, while permanent cookies are stored on the user's device so that they can be accessed and used in more than one session.

Depending on purpose and data obtained through cookies, we can use:


Cookies strictly functional

These cookies are required for the operation of our site. These allow you to use the main features of our site (for example, access to your account, the one that identifies the device on which the site is accessing, or the listing of the preference to display the results or last searches on the site) . Without these cookies, you will not normally be able to use our site. These are cookies placed by Game World and refer only to the operation of our site.

Cookie-uri Supplier/description Duration
It is used to identify if the user has opened the chat window.
1 year
"is_mobile" It is used to identify the type of device on which the site is accessed 1 year
"return-*url" Stores the URL from which the game was accessed (for example / casino) 1 year
"inactivityLogout" Follow inactivity within the user account and lead to logout if there is a very long log-in time 1 year
"oryx_session_cookie" Saves the session ID to identify the user on the server and the session session 1 year
"oryxContinue" Cookie required to continue the payment process 1 year
"oryx-*csrf-token" Security cookie for protection against abuse 1 year
"cookie_consent" Stores the user's cookie option 1 year
"__cfduid " Cloudflare, United States
Used to reduce page load time
29 days
“SERVER” Stanleybet
Identifies a group of servers. It is used to reduce the page load time


Advertising cookies

These cookies help manage the advertising space effectively, which is included in the web page or the service application. They're used to tailor your advertising content to make sure it's relevant to you and to avoid displaying the ads the user has already seen.

Cookies Supplier / Description  Duration
Stores a unique bonus code
1 year


Statistical analysis cookies

These cookies are used to collect information on how users interact with our website for the general behavior of all users to be analyzed to help us make improvements, and can not be used to identify individual users. You will find below examples of such cookies.

Hotjar script
It involves a piece of code that collects data related to: anonymized IP address, access country, device, browser and operating system type, language, mouse movements, date and time of access. These data, although not leading to the unique identification of a person, may constitute data that make the person identifiable.
The purpose of collecting this data is to improve the customer experience and identify the technical problems they face when using our services.


SUPPLIER / Description


It is used to identify whether the user has previously accessed the site
 1 year




Record a unique ID used to generate statistics about how the user uses the website.

 24 hours

 24 hours

 1 year



Cookie placed on the user interaction with the invitation to participate in the poll. It is used to stop displaying the invitation of a person who has already participated..

 1 year


Cookie placed to users who complete the feedback form. It is used to stop displaying the form of a person who has already participated.

 1 year


Cookie placed to users that minimizes the feedback form. It is used to stop maximizing the form while browsing the site.

 1 year


A cookie placed on the user has completed the information in the user recruitment widget for testing. It is used to ensure that the same form does not reappear to the user who has already completed it.

 1 year


Cookie placed to users that minimizes the participation form. It is used to stop maximizing the form while browsing the site.

 1 year


This cookie allows Hotjar to determine whether the user has been included in the sample for generating the statistical analysis.

  1 year


Cookie placed when the user minimizes / completes the feedback form. This cookie allows you to display the minimized feedback window on the other pages.

 1 year
Hotjar script

Assume a piece of code that collects data about: anonymized IP address, country, device, browser type and operating system, language, mouse movements, date and time of access. These data, although they do not lead to the unique identification of a person, may constitute data that make the person identifiable.

The purpose of collecting these data is to improve the customer experience and to identify the technical issues with which he or she encounters when using our services. To exercise the right to oppose this type of processing, click here.

 1 year

With regard to the data collected through the Hotjar script, we mention that the recording of sessions in which users encounter technical problems occurs by suppressing any fields where text can be inserted so that no data relating to the identity of individuals is stored. The length of the registration will be determined by the duration of the stay on that page. When changing the page, if the other page is registered, it will start a new record.

How Cookies are Managed on Your Browser

The user has the possibility to allow, block or delete the cookies installed in his system by changing the options settings of the browser installed in his device:

Pentru a modifica setările cookie-urilor pe Google Chrome:

Click the menu on the toolbar.

Select Settings.

Click Show advanced settings.

In the privacy section, click on the content settings.

Under Cookies there are a number of settings options.

Learn more about Google Chrome

To change the cookie settings on Mozilla Firefox:

At the top of the window, click the Firefox button.

Select the options.

Select the privacy panel.

In the Firefox option, select Use Custom History Settings and you can choose from different options.

For more information about Mozilla Firefox, please visit:

To change your cookie settings on Internet Explorer 9:

At the top of the Internet Explorer window, click the Tools menu.

Select Safety and then Delete browsing history to remove cookies. Select the Cookies check box, then click Delete..

Click the Privacy tab, then under Settings, move the cursor to the top to block all cookies or at the bottom to allow all cookies, and then click OK.

Learn more about how to manage cookies for Internet Explorer 9:

IAB has built the following website to provide specific information on privacy issues related to Internet advertising: .

Complete information about how organizations use cookies is available at

If you have any doubts or questions about the Cookie Policy, please write to [email protected]

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